Download Windows Error Codes Freeware

Windows Error Scanner  v.2.2

Windows Error Scanner software does an excellent job keeping your PC running smooth, plus it will scan your PC for FREE! It will find all your PC problems for you. Download your free copy of Windows Error Scanner.

Windows Error Lookup Tool  v.3.0.5

Displays error descriptions for Windows errors

Binaware Error Messages 2006  v.R1 -

Find descriptions of Windows error codes quickly and easily. No more looking for descriptions of error codes in endless documentation or on the Internet is necessary.

Winerrmsg  v.0.1.1

Convert Windows error codes into comprehensible error messages in your language

WinErrs  v.1.0

Did you ever get an 'Illegal Operation' or 'Page Fault' error message and wonder what it meant?WinErrs is a database of 1.554 Windows error codes and their definitions.These codes are extracted directly from Microsoft Windows and are their

Error Messages for Windows  v.2.9

Error Messages for Windows is a small utility that will allow you to look up MS Windows error code numbers and display a descriptive message explaining what the numeric code actually means.

OpenOBD: OBD-II Scan Tool  v.0.5.0

A cross platform GUI for OBD-II interface device control. Currently supporting ELM327 devices, the app allows you to view and clear error codes, and view live data from the ECU. Packages available for Windows and Linux (deb or

AppCrashView  v.1.11

AppCrashView is a small utility for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that displays the details of all application crashes occurred in your system. The crashes information is extracted from the .wer files created by the Windows Error Reporting (WER)

Screen-Cut  v.2.0

Screen-Cut permits screen capture of any size/portion of the screen displayed in front of you being: the web, Windows error, images or photograph. Anything being displayed onto your screen can be captured and used as a separate image.

DrWindows  v.1.04.01

Dr.Windows is a joke program that displays funny fake windows error messages at random times. You can use it to play tricks on people. Make your own custom dialogs!

ActiveSync Tester from AccessMyLan  v.

ActiveSync Tester simulates the communications between an ActiveSync handset and the Exchange server environment, highlights any problems identified and how the problems may be resolved. The tool removes the problem of deciphering handset error codes

WERE  v.rc

Windows Error Reporting Eliminator (WERE) is a dll that will stop the sending of your dumps to Microsoft. It allows you to disable WER on the program you are adding the dll to. The dll can be configured to create a full dump locally and

ActiveOBDII  v.1.0

Obtaining information from a cars ECU via OBDII. Currently supports the 'BR3' ( Retrieves: Error Codes, MPH, RPM, OS, Onboard Test Results, and much much more. Consists ActiveX, Example & Skinnable GUI. Possible Extended ...

API Error Reader  v.1.31

he is a developer and have been times over the "paltry" error messages when API calls annoyed?

Windows Problem  v.1.0

Modern day Windows computers are very complex but unfortunately far from perfect. Over time with the installation and removal of games, programs, software and hardware your computer can experience windows problems. Windows problems can make your

Fix Windows Registry  v.3

Clean, repair, and optimize your Windows Registry.

Fix XP Registry  v.3.0

Clean and fix problems of your Windows registry.

Resistor Code Reader  v.2.3

The program calculates the resistance in Ohms and tolerance from its color code.

Nginx  v.1.1.12

Changes with nginx 1.1.12 26 Dec 2011 *) Change: a 'proxy_pass' directive without URI part now uses changed URI after redirection with the 'error_page' directive; Thanks to Lanshun Zhou. *) Feature: the 'proxy/fastcgi/scgi/uwsgi_cache_lock',

Screen OCR SDK  v.9.1

Screen OCR SDK is a programmers' library that allows capturing text from Windows screen, under the control of another program. Use it to capture text from any application that doesn't provide communication API's in order to feed your program with

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